Our Story

We are young female entrepreneurs with beginnings in the medical field from CNA/MA to presently Family Nurse Practitioners, looking to create a one stop shop for all functional day to day needs and educational expansion. 

Coming from humble beginnings, we've always wanted to help others to be successful in whatever they do and to look good doing so. Accordingly, we came up with the idea to provide affordable & stylish scrub sets that would be functional in any professional setting. We also wanted to provide options for many other useful articles of clothing, supplies, and web links to meet your needs and help you grow professionally. 

Providing these services not only help you, but us as well. Knowing your demands allows us to better understand what consumers are seeking and prospective needs to come. 


Goals / Mission: 

 Affordability and functionality are the major keys while creating a broad website that enables opportunities to search, shop, learn, and grow in many areas of interest.